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Thursday, September 28th 2017, 7:20pm

Level 12-14's guide to the Exiles Fortress


Two level 12 quests and a level 13 quest involve the Exiles Fortress. If you are going alone realistically it does require 10 slots and illusionary slots are very helpful too. If you are going further than Kofur then purple jackral mount is recommended but it is still possible without. I have written this guide based on my experience going alone as a level 12 up to Seivroid, Terrenus as a level 13 and Harvadus with 2 friends. Lizards and disciples work together. If a disciple dies before the lizard then the lizard will retaliate by casting a spell on you and if a lizard dies before the disciple all remaining disciples gain 50% mana back. This applies throughout the instance which spells the lizards cast depends on which ones you are against. Damage from retaliation attacks by Cerulean Lizards, Cave Crawlers and Twilight Snakes can be reduced if you have high resistance but unfortunately resistance doesnt make any difference with the ones from Varranga Guards. The lizards also have an attack they will use if there is anything mount or player more than one level higher than them alive in the fight. As long as these attacks are locked dragon orbs are not necassary so no need to waste your money and a belt slot on them. Please note belt setup guidelines are based on me going as a full resist HW other build slots may need to be adjusted slightly.

Door Guards to Kofur

Belt Setup
Giant, Spirit, Atshi, 2x Mana scroll, Charm dispersal, uk heal scroll, 3x uk life pot.

Disciples 1383 hp Elementals 1500 hp Varranga Guard 1563 hp

At each door guard you will find 2 Disciples 3 Varrangas and elementals. Stall and poison the disciples one at a time. They may summon more elementals depending how often you face them. Set your bear combo up on the elementals to try to stun the disciples. The Varrangas will cast a 609 spell on everything in the fight following the death of a disciple so be ready for it. They will do the 609 damage blow more frequently if there is anything mount or player more than one level higher than them so on the path to Kofur anything level 13 or higher the 609 spells will be unlimited instead of only after the death of a disciple so avoid summoning level 13 mounts at any point as the damage it can do wouldn't be worth the increase in 609's. If you have a level 16 mount use that after the disciples are dead stall and let the mount do the work during cleanup especially for non HW's as the unlimited 609 attacks will be unlocked. Titanic Endagar is the best mount for this if you have one. Level 11 disciples also heal each other but need mana to do so Uncontrollable Enchanted Arrow works well with draining their mana to prevent them from doing this. If you are level 13 and have level 16 Endagar summon it straight away instead of waiting for disciples to die as the attacks will be unlocked anyway and as a result of the level of your mount the disciples will summon more elementals for you to stall against also replace the uk heal scrolls with a heal pot.

Kofur 2868 hp

Without red chaos

Belt Setup
Giant, Spirit, Atshi, 3x Mana scroll, 2x Charm Dispersal, 2x uk heal scrolls. Illusionary replace a mana with a heal scroll as an alternative and the same with one of the disps.

Kofur will summon 4 disciples and they will elementals like they did in the door guards. Use a Kia, Via and Dia ling at the start one after the other in order to increase the number of elementals in the fight and burn up some of the disciples mana but you will need to manage your hp as you will have several spells on you then remove them with one dispersal. Stall and keep poisoning Kofur as often as you can. The disciples will sometimes heal him when you are facing them when he is low on life. Set up your bear blow on the elementals and use it when you are facing Kofur to try to get a stun. Custodian spell force of anger and true arrow works well when facing kofur. Ignore the effect he puts on you and save your charm dispersals for the elemental spells the disciples put on you. Avoid killing any of the disciples before Kofur otherwise it will cause Kofurs Ghost go be summoned if you see Kofur again between the disciples dying and Kofur himself being killed. If this does happen then finish killing Kofur himself then work on killing the disciples then kill the ghost. There is a good chance one or two disciples may already be low on life and if that is the case finish them off before focusing on killing them in order of build the to prevent them from healing each other and themselves. When all 4 disciples are dead summon mount and clean up the remainder of the elementals.

With red chaos

Belt setup
Giant, Spirit, Atshi, 2x Mana scroll, 2x Charm Dispersal, 3x uk heal scrolls. Illusionary slots have one of the dispersal scrolls as heal scrolls as an alternative.

Summon Nia - lings to steal some of the disciples mana also there is a good chance you may have multiple poison spells cast on you all at once at this point so manage your hp and then use the a dispersal to remove them all. When the nia lings are dead summon purple jackral to put a 'neck blow' effect (Doolb LiveVO spell) on Kofur and the disciples. Stall and poison Kofur and use the True arrow to increase crits and hopefully the jackral will also have put the neck blow effect on him as well. Set up your bear blow on the elementals and use it when you are facing Kofur to try to get a stun. The neck blow effects will also drain the disciples hp as well so one advantage of that is they may turn to healing each other instead of healing Kofur but there is an increased risk of Kofurs Ghost being summoned if there are too many neck blows stacked on a single disciple. The jackral also thinks the disciples in the fight are blocking so it can gain hp back from that. When Kofur is dead turn to poisoning the disciples some may have the neck blow effect on and be nearly dead so work on them in order of how low their hp is. When the disciples are dead kill the remaining mobs to finish the fight.


Thursday, September 28th 2017, 7:20pm

Door guards to Lafrid

New mobs: Level 13 disciple 1617 hp, Lava Lizard 1793 hp

Belt setup
Giant Spirit atshi 2x mana scroll, charm dispersal, uk heal scroll, 3x uk life pot.

Poison the level 11 disciple to death first as that can heal both itself and the level 13 one plus drain its mana with Uncontrollable Enchanted Arrow. The lava lizards are level 12 so you can get away with summoning level 13 mounts without unlocking the special attack. Purple jackral is ideal for this. Avoid summoning level 16 mounts. The lava lizards each use a vampire attack 3 times during the fights. The amount they gain back depends on the amount of damage it does to you and it gains back 4x the amount it dealt. You can lower the amount of hp it gets back by fighting physical in block when you are facing them and putting a weakness arrow on it and if you dodge or block the hit it gains no hp back. After the death of a disciple the lizards will cast a poison spell on you which can be removed with charm dispersal.

Optional: kill the 3 Lava Lizards on the ground using weakness powder and arrows to reduce their healing before you attempt each of the door guards or alternatively retribution powder and arrows.

Lafrid 2878 hp

Belt setup
Giant, Spirit, Atshi, mana scroll, retribution scroll, 3x uk heal scroll, charm dispersal, anti magic. Illusionary second mana as alternative to one of the heals.

At the start Lafrid will summon 4 disciples 2 level 11 and 2 level 13. Keep an eye on Lafrid for the Lafrids call effect on him use the anti magic to stop him summoning another disciple. He can use up to 4 times. If you have red chaos use nias at the start of the fight to drain some of the disciples mana. Cast retri scroll on Lafrid and summon level 16 mount (Ideally endagar) and use retri arrows. Keep your hp above 800 as he can cast a destructive haze on you which is very good for him killing himself with the retris. When Lafrid is dead start working on the disciples starting with the level 11 ones with them healing themselves and the others. Once the level 11 ones are dead switch to the level 13 working on the ones with the lowest hp first. Set your bear up on the elementals and try to get stun on Lafrid and the disciples are dead switch to using spells to kill off the remainder of the elementals.


Thursday, September 28th 2017, 7:20pm

Door guards to Seivorid

New mob: Cerulean Lizard 2022hp

Belt setup
Giant Spirit atshi 2x mana scroll, charm dispersal, uk heal scroll, 3x uk life pot.

These door guards are easier in my opinion than the ones between Kofur and Lafrid. If you have purple jackral use it straight away for the neck blow effects. Stall and poison the disciples. When one dies the next Cerulean Lizard you see will cast a spell on you taking 723 hp so be ready for it. You can weaken the spell to around 420 with weakness arrow or alternatively use retribution arrow and make it pay with its own life for it. Magic resist can also lower the damage the spells do to you. The Cerulean Lizards have a high resist so you will be better off fighting physical when you are facing them. Avoid using level 16 mounts while the Cerulean Lizards are alive otherwise the attacks will be unlocked and fight can go ugly fast.

Optional: Kill the Cerulean Lizards on the ground before each door to stop them joining your fights. These are quick and easy using retribution powder and arrows fight physical and let them kill themselves. It usually takes less than a minute to kill the lizards this way as a heavyweight.

Seivorid 3284 hp

Belt setup
Giant, Spirit, Atshi, mana scroll, 4x uk heal scroll, 1x uk life pot 1x charm dispersal. Illusionary slots have one of the heal scrolls as mana scroll as an alternative. If going with a friend have one member with retribution scrolls.

It is advised that you use Sea Turtle Pantsir buff which you can get from putting together Gifts of the Sea Depths collection which comes under the Treasure Hunters section of the collection items. This absorbs up to 6000 damage lasts 5 turns or 90 seconds whichever happens first. This buys you a bit of time for it to summon elementals to stall against and protection from the spells otherwise this fight can go very ugly fast especially for non HW's with all the casts from the disciples at the start of the fight and Seivroid using strong attacks he can stun you and hit hard. When you attack he will summon 3 disciples. You need to get the number of elemental mobs in the fight up as fast as you can. Summon all the lings you can get one after the other and followed by a level 16 mount ideally Endagar in order to get the number of mobs up as fast as you can and disp yourself soon as it's about to wear off. The lings and mount helps to get the mobs up as fast as possible. Ignore the Seivroid call and allow him to summon the lizards instead of more disciples. Stall and let the mount do the work acting as a punchbag while using retribution arrow and poison spell on Seivroid. Save the heal pot as a reserve in case you see Seivroid again and use the scrolls to heal with. When Seivroid is dead start working on the disciples whichever has lowest amount of hp first. When a disciple dies be ready for the lizards to cast their 723 spell on you. When the disciples are dead switch to retribution arrows on the lizards and fight physical when you are against them due to their high magic resistance. Make sure you are stalling as much as possible while the mount is alive as the 723 attacks from the lizards will be unlocked for the duration of its lifetime. If you have blue great battle badge it's also recommended to have your shadow in reserve to resurrect you if Seivroid stuns and his hits kill you or if you see 723 attacks very close together while its unlocked. If you are going with a friend it's advisable for both to have resurrection scrolls in an illusionary slot and if one is a HW have them start the fight and get the number of mobs up before the second joins. If you have god of dead pack of cards the banner is good for reducing seivroids and 2 of his disciples hp at the start of the fight.


Thursday, September 28th 2017, 7:21pm

Door guards to Terrenus

Purple jackral is essential for this killing these alone at level 13 in my opinion due to the mobs high resistance. Avoid using level 16 mounts on the door guards as they will unlock the cave crawlers 789 attacks which can make the fight go ugly very fast.

New mobs level 15 disciple 1851 hp, Cave crawler 2251 hp

Belt setup
Giant, spirit, atshi, 2x mana scroll, Charm dispersal, uk heal scroll 3x uk life pot. Illusionary replace a mana with heal or second disp as alternatives

Start by killing the 3 Cave Crawlers on the ground before each door guard in order to stop them joining the door guard fights. They are a stronger version of the lava lizards with vampire attacks and they gain 450 hp back automatically even if you dodge or block the vampire attack blow. They have very high resistance so fighting them physical using vampire or blood on great thirst blow also retribution powder in combination with retribution arrows works well.

At the start of the door guards fights you will see a level 13 and level 15 disciple plus 3 cave crawlers summon purple jackral and try to get at least one neckblow effect on both disciples and the cave crawlers otherwise start the fight again. The level 15 disciples have a spell that can for 2 minutes allow itself or mobs which are low on hp to do a vampire attack gaining back 350% of the damage they deal. Poison the level 15 disciple then the level 13 one once that is dead. Set up bear on the elementals in order to try to get a stun on the disciples and use arrows to drain the level 15 disciples mana. After the death of a disciple the cave crawler will use Arrows of Hades attack which does instant damage plus poison effect for 20 seconds. When disciples are dead try to get stun the cave crawlers while stalling them to let the jackral poison work.

Terrenus 3532 hp

Belt setup
Giant spirit atshi, 2x mana scroll, anti magic, 4x uk scrolls. Illusionary Charm dispersal as alternative to one of the heal scrolls.

When you start the fight you will see Terrenus with 4 cave crawler mobs. Summon purple jackral and try to get at least 2 neckblows on all 5 mobs. If not then start again until this criteria is met. Terrenus will use a call effect use anti magic on him straight away and he will summon a level 11 disciple instead of a level 15 one. The cave crawlers do not retaliate when level 11 disciples dies and the disciples do not regain any mana on the death of a cave crawler either. Fight physical in block agaist the cave crawlers to minimise their hp gain back from their vampire attacks. Like the lava lizards if you dodge or block a cave crawlers vampire effect it wont get any hp back other than the 450 it gets back automatically. Terrenus can heal himself up to 3 times if you see him when hes low on life. If you have a god of dead pack of cards this works well casting the banner as soon as you see Terrenus when he is down to having around half hp give or take a little then that in combination with the jackral neckblows and poisoning spells will usually finish him off before you see him again. When Terrenus is dead start working on the disciples using arrows to remove some of their mana to reduce the number of times they can heal themselves, each other. By the time you have finished killing off the disciples the cave crawlers should be either low on hp or already dead with the jackral poisons.


Thursday, September 28th 2017, 7:21pm

Door Guards to Harvadus

If you want to try this at level 13-14 then go with at least one friend.

New mob Twilight Snake 2481 hp

Start by killing the mobs on the ground before each door guard. Like with the cave crawlers they have very high resist. Dont bother with spells fight physical great thirst with blood/vampire and use retri powder and arrows.

Belt setup
Giant, 2x charm dispersal, 7x uk life pot

You will see 2 level 15 disciples and 3 Twilight snakes. Once again dont bother with spells their resist is too high so just fight the old fashioned way with great thirst. The Twilight Snakes are level 15 so level 16 mounts will not unlock the special attacks. Summon purple jackrals in the event you dont have then level 16 endagar is the next best thing. When a disciple dies the snakes will cast dance of agony effect on you which does instant damage plus poison which can be reduced with high resist.

Harvadus fight 3702hp

Belt setup
Giant, retri scrolls, 8x uk life pot. Second retri scrolls in illusionary

At the start of the fight Harvadus will summon 4 Twilight snakes. Dont bother using spells on Harvadus or the twilight snakes due to their high resistance fight them physical using great thirst and use retri scroll and arrows on Harvadus. Ignore the Harvadus call effect and it will summon a Kofurs Ghost instead of a level 15 disciple. One or more god of dead banner works very well with reducing Harvadus's hp. If you or one of your teammates have a cerrador have them start the fight and try to get beam on Harvadus if not start again until it does. If in combination with a cerrador more than one member has a god of dead banner wait before summoning any other mounts and stall and the banners will usually kill Harvadus and use the other retris on the twilight snakes after he dies. If no cerrador then all join at the start summon level 16 mounts (ideally endagar) to act as punchbags for Harvadus to kill himself on with the retri scrolls and arrows and stall. Shadows also make good punchbags as a backup. When Harvadus is dead continue fighting physical and retris to kill the snakes and then kill off any Kofurs Ghosts that Harvadus had summoned. Alternatively purple jackrals and stalling to death also works but try to get at least 3 neckblows on Harvadus if you decide to use this method.

Congratulations you have just finished the fortress.

Any extra questions just ask. Check with any member of my clan if I am online or alternatively either send a letter or use the forum messaging system.

Thanks to - My old fortress teammate when I first started killing Lafrid - For giving advice and answering my questions when I was learning Seivorid - For coming with me on multiple occasions before I started killing Seivroid alone - For his advice on Terrenus and answering my questions - My Harvadus group - My Harvadus group


Thursday, September 28th 2017, 11:55pm

thank you so much for this guide!! :worship:

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