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Friday, November 14th 2014, 4:48pm

What is the meaning of the colour of quests?

Weekly knowledge test: 14-11- 20-11-2014

NPCs (NonPlayingCharacters) offer quests which are marked in different colours. What is their meaning and can they put in order to any importance because of their colour?

Post your answers here.


For all who do not know the game yet some simple rules:
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Friday, November 14th 2014, 8:43pm

There are 5 colours that can be seen from NPCs related to quest.
Red: They are the most important ones to the game storyline, as they are the main quests, often given by the Elder.
Green: They also are important, as they are the repeatable quests, that most of the time gives reputation points for various factions.
Yellow: They are the normal quests given by pretty much any NPC, some are important, some are not really. They are the quests that will generally give only experience and a few coins (money from quest is quite recent).
Grey: Quests that are a level above your current level. Or when it is marked with ?, a possibility to re-read a dialogue with a NPC from your current quest.
Blue: They technically aren't quests, but blue options will often show up when speaking to a NPC. Usually for exchanging materials for others (ludial links, superbeings drops, games at the tavern with Poker)


Sunday, November 16th 2014, 9:54pm

Quest colors

Yellow - Quests given in yellow are the quests you can get from any and every NPC they generally give large amounts of Exp.
Blue - Blue quests do not give XP and generally are used to turn items in like Efrils, Ludials etc.
Green - Green quests are repeatable and often given during seasonal events.
Red - Red quests are probably the most important as they are storyline quests.
Gray - Gray quests are quests they are not accessible until the next level.

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Sunday, November 16th 2014, 11:24pm

Different colours for quest:

Grey: Quest you have completed yet, so you can read what you needed or what the NPC was telling to you at the end; or quest not available until next lvl.
Green: Quest that you can day each day, most give you city chartes, but there are other types too, like the ones from special events.
Blue: Quest to give things for reputation, like efrils, fossils, dragon, goddes, etc
Yellow: Normal quest from NPC, they give you some items, or gifts... they are just for playing, they tell you a story and give you a mission, almost all gives exp.
Red : You have them from the start of the game, they are the most important quest you have, they all tell you the same story as a book, with chapters for each lvl, and you need to complete them to arrive to new locations for example, or be able to do more things in game. You can't do one without having done the previous ones before.
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Tuesday, November 18th 2014, 4:25am

What is the meaning of the color of quests?

Red Quests- Are pivotal storyline quests designed to advance your characters life though the world of faeo. These quests are often required in order for your character to advance to new sections of the faeo world.

Blue Quests- These, like the Forest Pest quest often involve turning in a resource and receiving a stat or item back. Efrils can be turned in for City Rep and Chess Sets can be turned in for pieces of armor.

Green Quests- Mostly, these are reoccurring quests that benefit each character through stat and item drops. Merc quests are green and upon completion of one of these quests your character receives 50 Merc Rep.

Yellow Quests- These are the juicy XP filled quests that many hunter thrive on, you are given a goal and you must accomplish it. Sometimes these quests are relatively easy, at other times they take extreme resources and coordination with other characters. These quests enhance the story line but are not pivotal.

Grey Quests- Typically grey quests are not accessible till the next level. This gives you a sneak peak at just what you are missing out. However, sometimes grey quests can be quests you have already received but it remains available for you to read back though.


Tuesday, November 18th 2014, 1:35pm

:teacher: MB Guide to NPC :teacher:

NPC living in this word likes to talk, also they sometimes offer quest or sell items etc. What kind of speech they like to present is differentiate by color:
  • Red – Red color mark most important quests and information. In case of quests it marks main storyline quest or their parts.
  • Yellow - Common quest, which are possible to finish once. Not vital to main story plot can be basically ignored but they can give access to very important and strong items.
  • Green – mark recurring quest – these quest are able to be done every 24 hours and reward player with experience elixirs and City Charters depending on level of quest (Quests of player level give 14 City Charters, -1 level give 6 City Charters, -2 levels give 3 City Charters, -3 levels give 2 City Charters, -4 levels give 1 city charter. Lower don’t give any) which are used to play on wheel of fortune in pub.
  • Blue – blue represents items and shops – via blue colored dialog options is possible to manage items or enter shops.
  • Grey – quests colored in grey are currently impossible to start. It will be available from next level. Also it mark quest, which player already started but didn’t finished and can see quest dialogue again.

Also, colors can differ by symbol:
  • Question mark – quest
  • Text bubble – information, gossip, small talk. NPC just want to talk :-)
  • Gears – represents shop and items

Together color + symbol represents on first sight how important which dialogue option is and also what NPC wants from player.


Wednesday, November 19th 2014, 12:04pm

Hi, generally when you speak to a NPC in the game you can see some "quest" available from him.
These quests have different colours that help you to understand what type of quest they are.
Try to see some examples:

Grey quest:

Grey quest can be like this, it means they are available from the next level or you already started them and you can talk for a reminder.

Yellow quest:

This is a normal quest. Sometimes can be very important to continue the story and sometimes not.

Green quest:

Normally they are recurring quest: Quest for city charter or for others items that you can get more than once, but also they give you some information about the game.

Red quest:

The most important quest of the game: This quest teach you about the games, tell you the story of feo, unlock new place, and give you buffs and items. They are very important to the main story.

Blue quest:

These are like the green one. They are always available or recurring in some cases. They can get you access to shops and gives you the possibility to get new items, new upgrade, reputation and buffs.

So, at the end, there are 5 colours, but to know the real means of every quest it's better to ask someone before do it, or try it. Because they're not like they seems.

Sorry for my bad english, if you wanna teach me it, you're welcome :truce: bye bye
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Thursday, November 20th 2014, 4:38am

There are 5 colours related to quest:

Grey: Anavailable quest, you need to achieve next level to can start them. Or, if you have already accepted some yellow quest, they will be stay in grey until you bring to the NPC the resources or things they asked you, to remind you what you needed.

Yellow: NPC always gives you some quest that you can do just as an enterteinment, some gives dartong or delvis rep, some gives exp, some gives green armour, there are lot of kind of quest and lot of prizes. As you lvl up, you will find more of that quest

Green: This are repeatable quest, you can do them day by day, they give you city charter most of them, or for season events to give you the things needed, you can do them every some hours to give you more of that the thing you need. For journey around the sea too.

Blue: Ques for blesses, or the ones than opens some shops. Or the ones to give resources for some reputations, there are common quest always available, if you have the resource or not, they are always active.

Red: They tell the story of how the game works, and was created, they are the most important quest, and give you the opportunity to improve your pg getting acces to new items, or locations. At the end, all people do them. Almost all are given by the elder, only one on chernag when you start playing.