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Wednesday, April 12th 2023, 4:08pm

QoL improvements and some ideas

---When Selected effect is less than X seconds prevent us attacking new mobs so i dont forget my effects expired and attacked something on hunting to suffer for minute. Or remind player if selected effect (aure for example) is about to expire.

---11+ Fishes also should replenish players mana so they have some worth. 16+ fishes should also give random effects like %1 vampirism for 7 minute or %5 more coin drop for 2 minute etc etc.

---Clan Blesses/effects: Basicly you upgrade something in citadel to have ability to use Clan Bless to everyone online for 1-2 hour. its like profession success rate, coins drop, or dmg increase effects. idk would be good to have common blesses for a time as whole clan.

---Those fortress,turret,castle etc battles should be more profitable and must be more fun, give fun rewards and should make us raise our clan flag on locaiton picture for prestige.Those castles or maybe add new castle to 16+ to have regional benefits like %5 more coin drops on castle location that ur clan controls etc etc.

---Varnish for bows, mounts ,amulets,rings

---A LOT OF clan building improvements and benefits to have some motivation to play this game. Ability to collect tax from Clan members like Pot of gold (%0-5 adjustable from menu) from hunting. to have your clan sustain a economic growth for building and clan blesses or defending your lands from infidel magmars :D

---A lot of game gives attention for life skills even if a war game. we need more recipes for professions and not only just for lvl20 end game players

---We all use transformaiton elixirs to reset animation times. thats really annoying i wanna see my armour not a zigred shaking his head for hours of grinding. pls add ability to hide transformation elixirs on battle just for me so i can see my armour etc but also enemy wont see if im in block or not. Also more transformation elixir types needed .

---İ buy anger spirit giant bla bla elixirs with energy and i hate using 3 energy by 3 energy until i buy hundrents red energy elixir worth of elixirs. ANNOYİNG..... need bulk buy options. or at least remove energy cap for elixirs so we buy it one at once

---Next to battle pockets we should see how many of it remained in backpack

---Why client is slower than browser ? it needs to be faster . also auto eat doesnt work properly .

---pet ,mounth food must give warning when it has less than 10-20 use in abckapck

---We need more and more recipes for elt cube etc. would be fun and rich.

---need better library forum.. enrich us with knowledge. give us more formulas,technical knowledge for better playing and not just randomly testing stuffs. and pls not in russian.

---Everyday Your first hunt hour or profession hour must be more benefitable for most of us for equal time management.

---Monster profiles must be open and we should see Hp,Mana,Dmg,Agility,What items dropped from it etc etc.

---Right click actions should be seperatable and should be chosen with colors. Heals=Green, Attacks=Red etc etc

---Plants,Fishes bla bla should be used in elt cube for making foods. not only shop items

---All professions must be re-established and must be a bit easier. nobody does profession anymore.

---cave386 etc reps and coins must be a bit easier. specially missions should be looked again and cheaper.

---Clan Tokens etc must be very usefull with very rich options. not something like souvenir....

---Ability to set option for "if u have less than X mana do not start the fight" so i dont accidentally join mobs with zero mana because game lagegd and didnt accepted my "eat food" request.

---Shadows must get HUGE update. like using Glaze levels,runes,symbols, refilling his battle belts from our backapck to use in fight like us. starting with 4 pocket basic. it has its own Reps to improve belts up to 6 or 8 maybe. sending shadows to missions like pets to get rewrd and Shadow's own Red Reps. giving its owners name on chat like "Erdal's sahdow got the bla bla red rep" and have more interactions with shadow and talk with you for lonely players that has no friends and has miserable depression growing more and more everyday day until they resign at some point.....

---Sending shadows to istances to make them for us. or sending them to grind or make profession. send them for city charter quests or daily tasks etc. to get us archivements. ofc slower than u.

---We should get +5 hp , +5 dmg etc bonusses from %100 done Archivement groups, and get regional or general bonusses for events that increase regional influance.

---Fishes should be shown graphical on hunt screen.

---Estate needs big upgrade like clan citadel and many more thing. more building, more levels ,more fun options to follow (you know some games that u build village and grow, something like that but more pve oriented here) , people we hire and use in estate for resources, seeing animations that our people walking in estate. more blesses from estate and mroe locations to build estate. more than 1 estate to have for different locations and estates gives lcoaitonal bonuses.

---We should have ability to buy more thigns with energy in estate

---Buffs and blesses for shadows

---Titles: we should have Titles in profile next to name that gives prestige. when they open our profile , must see our special successes. Different names , colours.

---New content : Clan Dock for exploring(pve coop fights or puzzles) and fighting(pvp with other players docks or ships) on oceans for new clan Reps and rewards. yes clans should have reps too.

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Wednesday, April 12th 2023, 6:19pm

Plenty quite interesting ideas Erdal :D

I am especially drawn to those that aim to revitalize those parts of the game that no one pays attention to anymore, such as location mini-events, by offering worthwhile rewards; Give a real motivation to do the fortress pvp again or improve the conexion of client with servidors.

The game could even have its different languages ​​without having to pay 1 euro, simply by requesting its own players to do those things. Personally, I wouldn't mind translating it into Spanish.


Wednesday, April 12th 2023, 11:16pm

lol no.
they earning enough money with the game the way it is.


Thursday, April 13th 2023, 1:29am

carpe you do not have to deny that improvements to the game would not help everyone. That is an ignorant viewpoint


Thursday, April 13th 2023, 4:14am

Some good ideas there but good luck getting anything even considered.

I like the fish grapics instead of just rings.

I like the clan auto-tax

I REALLY like the removal of energy meter when buying stuff, even better when buying riolite or upgrading a building or working for someone. It's a complete pain upgrading your whole estate at 200 energy at a time.

My browser is actually MUCH slower than the client - painfully slow sometimes. I've sat over 20 seconds for a location screen to show at times!!. The client is better but game still lags really bad since update a few years ago - not been fixed since. I won't list the problems since that fateful update as it's been documented repeatedly.

I would like to throw out a suggestion - we can do ALL professions at the same time if we choose!!! Trying to buy resources is nigh on impossible - if I could fish, mine, pick flowers & also make the associated stuff I would be more likely to actually make things & do more events/quests. Now I just don't bother with any of it if at all possible. People will still buy stuff as prof's are a tiresome grind for most people.


Thursday, April 13th 2023, 8:34am

carpe you do not have to deny that improvements to the game would not help everyone. That is an ignorant viewpoint

i did not deny that improvements would help everyone. i said people in charge wont give a f about it cuz they are making enough money with the game the way it is so they wont be interested in investing on it.
ignorat viewpoint is coming in forum and replying to my comment in an insulting way, without understanding what im saying just because theres a stupid rule for attack.


Thursday, April 13th 2023, 10:00am

some really good ideas but id like to comment on some

this part is constantly being worked on
---need better library forum.. enrich us with knowledge. give us more formulas,technical knowledge for better playing and not just randomly testing stuffs. and pls not in russian.

this is actually on the library under the bestiary tab
---Monster profiles must be open and we should see Hp,Mana,Dmg,Agility,What items dropped from it etc etc.

honestly, shadows are fairly strong while properly geared, but it could be a cool idea for having shadow do his own thing where you cant use him for 24h and he brings back stuff for himself.
---Shadows must get HUGE update


Thursday, April 13th 2023, 3:05pm

Oh - I forgot to add some suggestions...

Kennels should let us do a LOT more hunts. 5 is pitiful & cgrging diamonds to do more is ridiculous imo.

And let us switch off chat spam - compass & "use client" spam specifically. If I'm using the client I shouldn't be spammed about installing the client, the reason is obvious! :stupid:


Thursday, April 13th 2023, 3:07pm


(Couldn't delete & repost to correct my typo for some reason)


Saturday, April 15th 2023, 3:12am

Me gusta :yes:


Thursday, April 27th 2023, 10:35am

Well Havingbeen10 plus years I can see some good thought and Ideas here...
Just a Thorn in the Heads of all those awesome Humans.. I grow bigger in their heads everyday.. I love them all.. :lol: :lol:

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