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Friday, May 3rd 2019, 8:39am

[PvP] COM too lazy?

Weekly knowledge test: 03/05-16/05/2019

Why do COM players do not like to go to battlefields?

We have seen battlefields going on other servers but why are COM players so scared to got there? And do not start on blaming it on population or administration, as both is approximately the same.

And what can be done from players side to revive those?

Post your answers here.


For all who do not know the game yet some simple rules:
  • Every week (Friday morning) we publish one question to our game:
    Legend. Legacy of the Dragons.
  • From all correct and complete answers up to 5 participants will win one promotional game code each.
  • Only complete and detailed answers will be rewarded. If there is more than 5 detailed and complete answers the most unique answers have the biggest chance to win.
  • Copy and paste-answers will NOT be considered. Same goes for trolling or spamming or inadequate language.
  • Personal attacks on other players in your answers/posts as well will NOT be accepted.
  • Answer must be in English. You can answer in your mothertongue only if you post understandable translation in English in same post as your answer.
  • The winners will be chosen by a mixed team of magmars and humans. The decision will be final.
  • Codes will be sent to winners via private messages in the forum or per post ingame.

Good game and good luck for all! :drink:

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Friday, May 3rd 2019, 9:14am

This is a biased question, the answer could theoretically include blames on administration, however here's my take on the topic:

It's because of too many tryhard players. When the first magic storm event was introduced on crystalline caves, everyone was excited, but what happened afterwards? Both Human and Magmar tryhards kept camping on the crossroads of the enemy race, killing everyone coming their way. This lead to complaints in forums, almost everyone was pretty much unhappy about the situation. There are also not-so-tryhard players who join battlefields with practically no effects and turn the battlefield into a simulation of hell because:

1) They don't actually do anything during the battlefield.
2) They just feed the enemy free valor.

Another reason is that players don't want to gain valor, I mean when level 19 was the maximum level possible, I have seen players going from a marshall (level 12 maximum rank) to Chosen By Gods which is the current maximum rank. It's all about trying to reach there. Players don't spend the golds they receive to improve their characters, then, when they try to do battlefields, they get decimated by someone who has a maximum of 5 or 6 effects because the ones who decided to invest the money they got in mirror magic, valuable chests, one armed bandit etc. didn't get anything while what they should have done was to obviously finish their medals, try to get tablets, finish their talents and improve their character.

"What can be done?" you ask. Trying to reverse some of the changes should definitely help. For example, Meridian Vaults should not be available only on certain time periods, making it "que-up-and-go-in-as-soon-as-others-do-the-same" battlefield like the others should definitely help for that battlefields. Other than that, there's not much the administration can do to bring back the dead battlefields. There are tons of events already, if the players don't want to do them, they won't do them. BUT the most important thing to do would be explaining how to improve their character, which medals to get first, how to plan a battle and which arrows to use against strong enemies should help players be more active in battlefields.
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Friday, May 3rd 2019, 9:21am

Quick reasons as to why Battlefields are dead:
1. People are scared of breaking their precious(not so precious at all) armor
2. Max ppl complain about paypallers ruining their BFs, instead of working hard to beat paypallers like very few players are actually doing rn, like my friends XD
3. OveRbuFfeRs aRe KilLIng Me I woULd kiLL thEM if I HaD SaME buFFs blah blah is the most common rant, yes many are scared of entering battlefields bcs they're scared of facing over buffers.
4. Some non ranked players believe max rank chars shouldnt be fighting bcs 'they already have max rank', liike this game is designed for rank only. what about having FUN lol
5. Admins and population have no part in dying battlefields bcs when there's an incentive to fight(eg non break, extra valor extra rep) battlefields get flooded with all types of players and they forget about why they were scared in the first place. For example: as lvl11 we generally have a 5v5 chaotic (most common). now we've gone as far as 7v7 and even more bcs of may battles.

now how can we bring scaredy players out in the open?
1. take them back to school, where we're taught hard work leads to success lol
2. show examples of non paypallers doing as good as anyone in game, showing u dont need moniey to be good, and stop the ranting about anyone paypal, its their money their wish
3. weekend event BFs are already non break so are other BFs on specific days, nothing more can be done in this respect i guess, its very fair. I believe when admins have gone as far as keeping weekend BFs non break, i dont think there's much more to be done to lure out scared ppl out in the open to participate in more BFs
4. one thing that can be done is event gets announced on thursday(or even a week prior if possible) so ppl who play only on weekends can prep up in advance.
5. New BF can be introduced to counter the problem of people being scared of overbuffers, where their will be equal buffs, equal lvl, equal armor etc (as exists in RU i think), much like the dungeon of forgotten heroes(which can be reinstated if ppl like)
6. some more incentive can be provided for the daily BFs, since almost all lvl daily BFs are super dead



Friday, May 3rd 2019, 5:47pm

Just bring no break.There will be always bigger fish, no one can doubt that. We already feeding paypallers a lot in usual PvP events so we geting used to it but when it comes to armor we are working to get and delay our plans even dont attend any event to save enough money for it + red weapons and bows. Feed paypal and lose your armor, thats hell of a deal we here. I got many gifts like "rez u coward" xD but i cant care less. Camping on spawn with +20 buffs on 9-10 BF, people are insane. Call me coward if you want but when it comes to work for money and rise from struggle and know value of your everygear shouldnt makes you coward or smt like that..

Work for every piece armor, search for them, bargain for them, wait for them and delay your plans for them. Divorce is easy to sinlge person LOL.

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Friday, May 3rd 2019, 6:02pm


Well first there could be so many reasons if you want to know that for sure you had to ask peoeple themselves

but battlefields these days are basically ''dead'' im pretty sure maybe arena/temple in lower and chaotic as well in higher levels only happen few times a day
the only active group could still be lowest levels like 3-4 that go cc as well

these days i think valor is easier to get so you dont have to grind it out so some ppl just wait certain weekend events they like and just get it in few hours of fighting because of the bonus valor

then there are people who play for years and has the best gear and medals etc at lower levels so people dont want to go in there get crushed and get nothing just wasted their time
becuase there are people who just stall level has max rank so they go in to just get scalps and ofcourse the person that usually plays longer and knows the game and has everything basically at his level will crush other opponents because not everyone has full purple set runed,all mounts like 10 bless each fights etc

+ a lot of people say when i have asked for example chaotic they say that their armor will break so they dont go as well

if i speak for myself i dont really go in battlefield only if therer are events and then in some maybe some temple rarely but usually just tallars,
but best is just plateaue with x2 valor its easier to get valor + its so much faster no one stalls you get killed with 1 hit by mage and you just tele back
so you dont waste your bless in between like it would be in battlefield where you wait for your turn to hit and some people like to stall your bless out as well

how to fix it from player side just dont be all ''pussys'' and queue up i guess for lower levels but lets face it this game is now for mage levels at this point you should not be low level anymore
and if you are atleaste 11lvl then the battlefield problem isnt even that big because they actually happens some time atleaste chaotic happen every time
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Friday, May 3rd 2019, 6:24pm

Advertising the daily non break a bit more (monday for arena, etc) would be nice, you only get to know this by searching through the guides which I'm sure many people don't know the existence of, or maybe just can't be bothered to look through.


Friday, May 3rd 2019, 11:20pm

I have solution for this. capped like me shuld not get anything no scalp no money no rep nothing wath done done so noneone stall lv and ruin game tho the others and not only for my lv but for all lv .
Instead when they make rank and so on game stop give anything so may player motivate go forward.

who ruine game is who has mak rank capped and so on.Think about it.


Tuesday, May 7th 2019, 9:27am

As many had mentioned. Kills the queue. Perfectly normal. I stop queueing once I see someone with 10 lines of buff. Or I just wait for them to start one and I queue when I see the chance.

Closely connected with overbuffers. Perfectly understandable as well. You spend XX amount of gold for the buffs, you expect more scalps/valour/rep in return.

Break/Non-break in bfs:
Those with red weapons/bags usually don't queue when there's a chance of dying and damaging their 6/1 or 10/10 items. Usually not other normal armors in general, just low durability reds.

But I think the main reason is this:
This may sound crude, but weak people don't (usually) queue. Perfectly normal. Before I'm being chastised, yea, some do queue and get in, then they start getting killed over and over and not being able to do much, they either leave or just stop queueing after.

What can be done (in general, both admin and players):
When you see overbuffers, then choose better times to queue. Be smart. This usually leads to less active queue, but there's still chances to get in. And buffs only last at most an hour. And also, in general, to all players, don't overbuff all the time and kill queue. Once in awhile, or when it's Sunday and you have unused buff decks etc, I understand. Then again, it's your gold, your dollar, you are 100% entitled to use whenever and however you like.
Personally, I overbuff at times, especially for Storm Tallaars (or whatever it's called, the one with "no block no stun"). But why do people always cry about overbuffers, since any and all buffs are available for everyone? This shall be discussed in the "Weak" point below.

We should all be considerate at times. Just killing and killing and killing till the opponents don't ress can be quite... well, bad. Get a few kills, finish up the BF and move on to the next. Don't need to "over"-torture weaker opponents.

Break/Non-break in BFs:
Admins - you guys can advertise more one what BFs are non-break etc. I know you guys do tell, but players are generally lazy and don't bother, they want info to be fed directly to them. Heck, I have active BF friends *cough* mit..ti *cough* who don't know that when you click on the BF icon, the one that appears is the non-break for that day.
Players - All too spoilt. If it's break, just don't use those armors which you don't want damaged.

Two words - GIT GUD. (get good)
No other way to it. Just freaking GIT GUD. There's no excuse, no explanation, no nothing if one is weak. Don't complain and GIT GUD. Yes it's true that without paypalling, it can be daunting and difficult at times to compare with those who spend lots of real life $$$, but the gap in power need not be huge. You just have to GIT GUD. I can't stress more on this: GIT GUD.

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Tuesday, May 7th 2019, 10:11am

As already have been said, one of problems are the overbuffed, a lot of people dont go bfs because them, but its not like we can do something for them. We already have cc of equals, arena of equals, etc, and you can see when it happens... yes, never; no sense that if I want to win I can bless harder than the opponent or take advantage from my better gear, Equals isnt a solution as @Warlordekkie . In fact I dont think there is a solution for overbuffers, just try to Q later, stalk the usual overblessers and check if they doing arenas and leave Q for that moment

As a lot of people said, they afraid of breaking gear, why not doing chaotic battels permanent unbreak and remove that bs ''Magic Storm Chaotic Battel'' who never goes? As @Innos said, I saw some non mages trying to schedule some chaotic, but most people said:
-Typical lvl10 » typical player who wants to pvp: But, but, but, ma gear :cry: it would break.

I will just ignore the fact that some1 said max rank shouldnt go pvp, LOL, I think I will go back to farmeville instead of this game.

As @beefy said, we have a really weak server, and well, its true, we should git gud, but the biggest problem is that most people dont know how to git gud, for example I have seen a lot of people rushing mage bcs: ''BuT In LvL11 I hAvE frEe ArTfUl gEaR''. What happens? That they cant do a shit in mage and end getting hardstuck, since no rank = no pene bezzel, no durability, which means you cant do more than 2k-3k damage in chaotic, also even if they try to get full blesses and Q for any of this they will get crushed so hard.

My possible solution is:
  • make chaotic with non break forever, make people Q, best place to try get some valor as weak player
  • Make some kind of events, or ways to encourage people to help each other, like making guides of best way to get valor, afterwards its voted by some people(jester, or just players) to choose a winner, then the winner, get his guide posted in a VISIBLE place, with some changes from mentors, or more experienced players. Why this reason? Because the way to improve on this game is a bit ''weird'' or ''abnormal'' from other games, dont let new players or, the ones who want to improve, do the same errors than we did in past to find out how to improve better.
  • Also the guides we already have make them more visible, for example…mbol#post270131 (I had troubles to find it lol)


Tuesday, May 7th 2019, 1:21pm

Why do COM players do not like to go to battlefields?
We have seen battlefields going on other servers but why are COM players so scared to got there?

Dear all,

in my opinion the reason is totally different to the mentioned ones.
Isnt there "Overbuffers" and "Armor break" and "less advertising" also on every other server?

The reason for non crowded Battlefields on .COM Server is Language !

Nut 100% sure but we (at minimum) combine here:
- Great Britain (English)
- France (French)
- Italy (Italien)
- Turkey (Turkish)
- Spain (Spanish)
- South-America (Spanish)
- South-America (Portuguese)

Additional we have many Germans, some Russions and some Polish players.

So whats now the "problem" about Spanish, Italien, French and Turkish Players?

Many just dont speak English. Or if they do they dont do it fluently and fast enough
to be competitive in complicated battlefields.

As in most battlefields (besides Tallar) communication is not only the reason how
to win, but even more important how to have fun with each other, we all struggle with that.

How to explain people in Caves what my individual aim is? (Feat etc.)
How to organize blocking overbuffed enemies so that Crystal-carrying people can pass?
How to win battlefields if half of the time (if you are willing to have that stress) is spent for
google translate in second browser tab?
How to explain people how Chaos Invasion event is working and why gungls double itsself?
And most important: How to motivate, how to say "not bad, was fun anyway, lets try again mate!"?

Part of that problem of course is gametimes also as people from South-America enter in
night-times of CET.

I remember we had more battlefields in ES server even but everyone had fun, also if we struggled
or lost we tried hard and motivated each other. All that is limited here.

And what can be done from players side to revive those?

I dont see good chances to improve my described problem, Organisation of groups before entering
battlefields would improve game fun. But as player numbers decreased in general and game times differ
its hard to be succesfull in that.