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Wednesday, February 20th 2019, 1:23pm

Event Mercenary War


Well this event is great, it can earn notes to increase our mercenary reputation.
Currently it is this way:
1- The army lvl 10 come and there is 1 hour to kill a total of 60 monsters.(Whether the numbers are reached or not we move to the second step)
2- The leader comes with an army of monster lvl 11, there the stage lasts 2 hours and the main goal is to kill the leader.

The concern is the second step, some player whose me, the leader does not interest us really he will give us a note and the event would be over. We especially wanted to kill the monsters lvl 11 who by hunting it for 2 hours for example can give us more than 10 notes, we about 500 points of reputations instead of 50.
But some player do not want to hunt the lvl 11 (certainly not to exp too much or that the hunt may not be profitable to them at the potions and drop) and prefers to kill the leader who guaranteed them a note for sure .
The problem is often of this kind we are preparing to hunt monsters lvl 11 but a player come to kill the leader and in this case we can not hunt.
For my part I find that if a player kills the leader who is the goal of this step, I agree with that, but what are the use so the lvl 11 who ultimately do not hunt because when the leader comes is kill?

I would therefore like to propose an alternative to remedy this problem.
The first steps could thus remain as they are, but to propose modifications for the second step.
As for example divide this second step in 2 part:
-The first part will be the army lvl 11 who would come without leader, of course not to put it without a goal and leave it 2 hours.
I mean by that can be reduced the time which was from 2 hours to 1 hours and put as objective to kill 120 monster, the double of lvl 10 or more (yes the number will be able to be big but personally if a lot of player intends to make it his will go very fast compared to lvl 10 or I have rarely seen more than 20 monster kill because there is a lot less interest players (I speak especially human side, the side magmar I do not know, if Magmar could give their opinion on this idea it would be nice))
and so then the last steps will be the leader who would come alone and so the main objective would be to kill him, regarding the time I think it will be nice to put 1h also so that the overall time of the event which was 3h remains the same.

To summarize the idea that I propose this will flow in this way:
1- Army lvl 10 who arrives, there would be 1 hour to kill 60 monsters
2- Army lvl 11 who arrives, there would be 1 hour to kill 120 monsters
3- The leader who arrives, there would be 1 hour to kill him

In this way each player could do what is appropriate for this event, those who want to kill the lvl 10 will have a time to kill them, those who want only the lvl 11 will have a time and then those who want only the leader could only kill him.
Each player will find what he is looking for.

I invite each player to give their opinion on this idea which I think could suit a lot of players.
And sorry for my english who can not be perfect. :smile:


Wednesday, February 20th 2019, 1:33pm

i'm aggre ! +1

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Wednesday, February 20th 2019, 7:34pm

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Thursday, February 21st 2019, 4:01pm

To summerise, make this a 3 stage events. The lvl 10 mob, lvl 11 mob, and boss stage.

Why? Because you want to keep killing the mob for chanes of dropping Merc Note (which gives u 50 merc rep)

Why this proposal? Because we want to hunt the mobs, and people complaining of killing the boss early ended the event.

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