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Thursday, June 13th 2013, 8:27pm

Elt's cube's combinations

Today we were announced that the Elt's cube has finally appeared on our servers, so I decided to post the cube 's combinations from the russian server:

Worn Cutthroat Boots+Elixir of Speed(purple)=Quick Worn Boots(+5 to speed)
Shizka Mushroom+Large Crystal Vial=Shiz Beer
Elixir of Invulnerability+Elixir of Speed=Supreme Blessing of Heavens
1 Pet Food=18 sacks of food
5 Great Scrolls of Retribution=Absoulte Scroll of Retribution
5 Great Powders of Retribution=Absolute Powder of Retribution
5 Great Powders of Weakness=Absolute Powder of Weakness
5 Purple Scrolls of Healing=Absolute Scroll of Healing
2 Faulty Efrils=1 Efril
3 Great Elixirs of Life=Absolute Elixir of Life
Tarariquon+Large Sparkling Crystal=Veteran Tarariquon
Veteran Tarariquon+Small Bright Crystal=Battle Tarariquon
2 lower fossils=1 higher fossil( up to rarity)
5 rarity fossils=1 relict fossil
2 lower elixirs of life=1 higher elixir of life(up to great)
2 elixirs of power+1 elixir of blood=1 elixir of courage( must be the same color)
3 lower elixirs of mana=2 higher elixirs of mana
3 lower scrolls of mana=2 higher scrolls of mana
3 green athsi elixirs=2 blue atshi elixirs
3 amulets of call=1 incarnators( of the same type)
2 weak giants=1 elixir of giant
5 great giants=1 absolute giant
2 lower healing scrolls=1 higher healing scroll
3 grey destruction/rockskin/wind=1 green destruction/rockskin/wind
2 green destruction/rocksin/wind=1 blue destruction/rockskin/wind
1 Centrido+3 great scrolls of retribution=1 Incarnum( and vice versa)
1 Luxite+5 great powder of retribution=1 Flamian( and vice versa)
2 grey powders of retribution=1 green powder of retribution
1 Zigred Attack Amulet+1 Manuscript of Crushing( from tavern's shop)= 1 Elixir of Zigred Metamorphosis
1 Krect Attack Amulet+1 Manuscript of Crushing=1 Powder of Kretch Metamorphosis
Any combination of exp essences previously available at Alchimists
1 lvl 12 Necromancer Amulet(Light/Dark) + 1000 Light/Dark Shards=1 lvl 14 Necromancer Amulet
1 lvl 14 Necromancer Amulet(Light/Dark) + 2500 Light/Dark Shards=1 lvl 16 Necromancer Amulet

news article:


Thursday, June 13th 2013, 9:08pm

You can get a nelt's cube from a lvl 3 quest@ Elder at city square:
1.Speak to elder
2.speak to gnome spirit@sorrow place/communal graves
3.bring gnome spirit, a mica mallet( 500 relic rep required)
4.bring gnome spirit, BoE skull, old fossil, agate dust, collected mistloe, black ink
5.arrange the ingredients in the pentagram in order to get the elt's cube


Thursday, June 13th 2013, 10:06pm

Does the quest give exp?


Thursday, June 13th 2013, 11:25pm

nope,only 10 city rep


Thursday, June 13th 2013, 11:31pm

Thank you


Friday, June 14th 2013, 12:07am

Can it be used forever? or is it a one time use?


Friday, June 14th 2013, 12:08am

and by that I mean like does it have a life span?


Friday, June 14th 2013, 12:22am

@noble will be used till the day you have stamp of shame i put on you


Friday, June 14th 2013, 7:23am

This cube is like the wand, a permanent item in bag but, contrary to the wand, seems that you can use it when you want, where you want.

What is finally, a very interesting item. Even if the quest is costing, might be possible to have our money back faster than we could guess, so, thanks for this possibility you gave us to have an interesting tool.


Friday, June 14th 2013, 8:48am

@noble will be used till the day you have stamp of shame i put on you

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Friday, June 14th 2013, 10:04am

and btw thnx for amplifying the effect of the stamp of shame on him ^^


Friday, June 14th 2013, 6:21pm

amplifying the effect of what now? "fight not found" be proud, wont last long


Friday, June 14th 2013, 10:09pm

21:06 You have taken a trophy from beastness2 [11]
:glance: didnt you notice that i dont like people that talk stupid things around?


Friday, June 14th 2013, 10:25pm

hurray ur now equal to half the mag race, be proud, shame the trophy wont stay there long


Friday, June 14th 2013, 10:28pm

half of magmars killed you? i think im gonna throw your head.. you look too stupid


Friday, June 14th 2013, 10:38pm

lmao (: so u do understand basic english, no when do u get outta diapers?


Saturday, June 15th 2013, 2:56pm

This theme was created to discuss elt cube and new combinations, stop flood :stupid:


Sunday, June 16th 2013, 11:51am

Medoff has a point, please get back on topic or creat an off topic. :rose:


Monday, June 17th 2013, 7:08pm

Is there still combinations we may not know?
Coz I found its possible to make Impressive Exp Essence 10 000exp from 2 Strong ones 5 000exp :smile: