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Saturday, October 24th 2020, 8:02pm

Author: Eloise_

building pumpkin in estate

For me, with every single seasonal cute little building like the pumpkin and the christmas tree, I have to clear my cache before I see the foundation. It never shows up for me on its own. Have you tried that already?

Friday, December 7th 2018, 9:54am

Author: Eloise_

[EVENTS] Seasonal

Hermione , Sithie , Stellar and the Riddle .

Wednesday, December 5th 2018, 9:17am

Author: Eloise_

Elt's cube's combinations

Quoted from "zAquisgran" Quoted from "_-TheWarrior-_" And most importantly, why the hell would you do that just LOL for that :-) My question of today is: Why can i change 2 energy pot 20 to 1 green energy pot 40 energy in elt cube... and no other combinations? I cant change 2x40 =80 or other combinations :-( I just experimented with 3x40 and got 2 pots of 60. You should try all the amusingly annoying combos before despairing.

Saturday, June 16th 2018, 8:18am

Author: Eloise_

Get extra points ... TOP 3 Argentina Brazil Belgium Teams in final Belgium: Brazil Winner team of the tournament Belgium

Tuesday, May 15th 2018, 7:28am

Author: Eloise_

Food corner

Sequana, that beef stew sounds delicious. I'll try it this weekend. This recipe is very precious to me and I use it almost every single morning of my life: coffee beans water Grind beans in grinder. Put them in a little mesh place. Put the mesh in the coffee machine. Make hot water go over the grinds and force the beans to yield their delicious brown release. Drink it with yourself and hug yourself with your arms the way the coffee hugs your tongue (like a best friend in the whole wide world).

Tuesday, May 15th 2018, 7:15am

Author: Eloise_

'ACCEPT' new policy and terms of use

I was disappointed not to see an orrin, I'm coming choice, but I tried my best anyway.

Tuesday, May 15th 2018, 7:14am

Author: Eloise_

mage amulets

Quoted from "-Cahal-" I don't know what "orrin, I'm coming" stands for, but I'll go for it. Me too. So whimsical! Thanks orrin.

Monday, April 30th 2018, 6:06am

Author: Eloise_

Just for fun)

Those drawings are so cute and cuddly! I even want to hug the stone of the estate because it looks so soft and grey and friendly.

Wednesday, December 20th 2017, 2:55am

Author: Eloise_


I thought it was GB rep expressed through a looking glass. I never had any until I got to level 7. And looking at Tzu, she has the top spot along with a humongous amount of great battle participation.

Sunday, October 29th 2017, 2:29am

Author: Eloise_

Prize Warrior's Chest

You have received: Prize Warrior's Chest 1 pcs 02:23 As you open the chest, you find: 02:23 Underground Elixir of Giant 10 pcs, Underground Elixir of Life 50 pcs, Underground Elixir of Power 100 pcs, Underground Elixir of Blood 40 pcs, Underground Vampire Elixir 60 pcs, Battle bond50 pcs, Strong Essence of Experience 3 pcs 02:23 Decrepit Dragon Gift Amulet 1 pcs 02:23 Smuggled Bag 1 pcs

Tuesday, October 17th 2017, 12:05am

Author: Eloise_

Level 15.....really?

Maybe they fear your chickeny ferocity? I know I felt intimidated today when you killed me (I am totally not trying to say you weren't within your rights as a magmar to do so though)

Wednesday, September 27th 2017, 8:35pm

Author: Eloise_

[NUMBERS] Big Fat Monthly Lottery - October Draw

33-23-13-3 8-10-98-4 59-38-34-36 83-43-95-63

Saturday, September 23rd 2017, 1:32am

Author: Eloise_

Chaotic Battle

+1 I really like chaotics but haven't been in one that started in months because we don't usually get more than 3 or 4 players at the times I'm online.

Sunday, September 10th 2017, 2:33am

Author: Eloise_

Tallars Dead in minutes

Quoted from "Fleb" Yes, even more restrictions so snowflakes will feel better Also a toll booth in Odelvays and we should only be allowed to use 3 different letters in chat. And free bags of valor and gold to people who dont like pvp or hunt. +3

Wednesday, September 6th 2017, 8:53pm

Author: Eloise_

UK tournam

LE LOUP was asking if mid levels can have it " as mages do" not "as a mage." I think he wishes we in the mid levels could have some sort of battlefield, either the UK tournament or the cave of equals and not only the sparks route to UK worship.

Thursday, July 27th 2017, 5:48am

Author: Eloise_

[NUMBERS] Big Fat Monthly Lottery

7-8-9-10 11-12-13-14 15-16-17-18 19-20-21-22

Wednesday, July 26th 2017, 2:02am

Author: Eloise_

Lysad, give clarification of the new rules regarding attacks

Chicken, she did answer about wraiths. She said yes. I'm trying to quote it but I bet I will fail with the formatting somehow so just look at the bottom of page 1. Quoted from "Lisad" More answers to the raised questions: ... Quoted from "T-DeAdLY-J" Does the use of attack wraiths count as provocation? Yes.

Tuesday, June 27th 2017, 1:51am

Author: Eloise_

Your favourite NPC of the game

I like Sheara and Marietta the Merry. They both have a lot of body confidence which makes them good role models for young girls. But my favorite is that blond herdsman with the baby face. Veyko looks so innocent and trusting and likes to play music to his flocks. It's sweet. And he doesn't complain about weird beasts or dead things like the other commoners do.

Sunday, June 4th 2017, 4:44pm

Author: Eloise_

Issue with Mirror Quest from Festival Organizer

Same for me. I had no problem turning in mirrors filled by superbeing deaths until after I did the quest Fireflies. Now I have no option with the organizer to turn it in.

Tuesday, May 30th 2017, 1:55am

Author: Eloise_

Do not weep like a woman

Alisea, that's such an apt little story you share to help make your point. Really well done. And I agree it's lame and harmful to call someone womanly so as to insult them. SKYonWAR's video link is great for that point as well. The difference between prohibited phrases in game and what is actually offensive is sometimes large. But I think in general it's better to have less moderation of chat than more. I'd rather not have another player or person, even those as noble as all our mentors and admi...